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I am a fun-loving, spirited woman who has a heart for my family, connecting other’s with their purpose and spreading beauty and joy to the world around me - often while sipping a Starbucks refresher ;)

I know what it means to live with a full plate as I am presently raising 3 little ones while also running a business, Greenhouse Picker Sisters, with my sister, Amanda. And though it can sometimes get a little hairy juggling so many commitments, I love what I do and feel excited to spend my days developing unforgettable moments and atmospheres for my kids and my clients. I have spent years working in different industries, ranging from being a certified cosmetologist to an overseas missionary. While I am grateful to have such a breadth of experience under my belt, it has been amazing to be finally engaged in a business that is truly my dream come true. As a third generation picker, discovering and staging is in my blood! I love to see that same spark of purpose ignited in my friend’s lives and am passionate to help women find (or refine) their calling so they can be one step closer to walking out their dream. 

Amanda and I launched Greenhouse Picker Sisters 3 years ago and have been amazed by the level of creativity, dedication and focus it has required of us. The process of starting and running the business of my dreams has been like an advanced crash-course on how to honor several simultaneous callings on my life, though at times they seem to be in conflict with one another. I have had to learn what it means to develop as a business woman while also honoring my role as a mother and a wife, because I refuse to sacrifice my relationships with my husband and children for the sake of pursing my dreams, no matter how precious the dream is. Because of this deep conviction, I am dedicated to sharing how one can practically navigate the pursuit of their dreams while also maintaining integrity in their relationships.

The concept of Greenhouse Picker Sisters did not come out of an ideal season of rest, relaxation and TED talks — it was actually birthed during the lowest season of my life. I had just had our third baby (AKA I was hormonally and physically out-of-whack!), purchased a home (site unseen!) and was hit by the sudden loss of my dad, who was too young and too dear to me to leave when he did. The combination of all of these events left me in a total spiral. Honestly, it makes no sense why this was the same time that we decided to launch GPS but we were just taking things one step at a time with no idea how consuming/successful it would become. But the healing from this season was not something I could expedite and it was not something I could ignore. My heart was deeply wounded by the loss of my father and my marriage was left feeling the ramifications of that pain. Through these past few years, I have had a grace on my life to re-build what was on the brink of being stolen from me. I miss my dad daily, but I have been able to walk through grief and come out the other side stronger. My husband and I are closer now than we ever have been and are celebrating a decade of marriage. And my kids are thriving and enjoy watching their mama pursue her dreams, and all while getting the perks of some of the coolest staged birthday parties a kid could dream of (oh wait, was that just me?) I love to share my testimony; not because it is glamorous or ideal, but because it is real and shows the power of redemption and grace. So if you are ever wondering if you are too far gone for hope - please hold onto these words: you are not forgotten and you can get through this. There is an other side to any mountain and I would love be a part of you finding it.


Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me. Now I would love to hear more about you! Drop me a line and let me know what brought you here and if there is a way you would like to connect further. If you are interested in hearing me speak or hosting me for an event please check out my upcoming events page.

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We have to fight for good & go after our dreams, all while loving those around us.

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Did we just become best friends? Yep! Some of the greatest joys in life stem from my love of connecting with others. Ranging from motherhood to all-things-business: it's time to get real about life & use the powerful tools of encouragement, joy, and steadfast dedication to make your dreams a reality. My desire is to inspire people. To impact lives in a meaningful way. To lay it all down. 

I'm passionate about empowering woman in knowing who they are; by knowing whose they are. Bringing the love of Jesus to the hearts of my community. 


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